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Nothing as energetic as a solid workout. LXR® is no magic potion, but an elixer of traditional hard work, mixed with a little bit of luxury. LXR® is an exclusive training program blending the best ingredients of the past with a modern training approach. Whether you choose LXR®+30 of LXR®+45, you’ll get more power, energy and vitality with LXR®.

LXR® Strength:

LXR® +30 is a Strength Training that makes you stronger, leaner and fitter in 30 minutes! Power, endurance and coordination meet in this functional workout and give you quick results; you burn fat, develop muscle strength and improve your fitness! Research shows that a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in which all energy systems are addressed at the same time, are more effective than traditional strength or endurance training. So better results in less time is no false promise!

During the LXR® Strength Workout we use a gym bag that challenges you to make smart use of your body and makes you feel your abs with every move you make. Squats, lunges, presses and rotations alternate at high speed, so that the intensity remains constantly high. The challenging functional movements, combined with good music motivate you to get the most out of your workout!

The benefits of LXR® Strength in a row:

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ensures high efficiency and quick results.
  • Power, endurance and core training make you stronger, fitter and more toned.
  • Functional movements with the fitness bag make your muscles “smarter” and challenge your abs to the max!
  • Music: 6 alternating tracks each with its own character make this workout varied and FUN!

What does an LXR® Strength workout look like?

In a 30 minute workout all functional basics will be covered: squats, lunges, pushing, pulling and rotations. Each track having its own character and music to match it.:

  1. Warming Up
    During the warming up all basics will be covered and the fitness bag moves in various directions.
  2. Lower body
    Squats, lunges and dead lifts alternate and wil provide a full lower body workout!
  3. Upper Body
    In a superset of push ups, rows and cleans all muscles of the upper body will be worked at hight speed.
  4. Full body
    With challenging rotation movements the core is pushed to the edge, and will get your heart racing!
  5. HIIT
    Go for it and reach your maximum intensity with burpees, jumping jacks and mountain climbers!!!
  6. Floorwork
    Floor exercises put maximum focus on your abs.

HITT training

LXR® Mobility Training

In order to be able to move and exercise pain free, flexibility is essential. Both mental and physical stress, unilateral movement or overloading may limit flexibility, which can lead to injuries. LXR® Mobility is a 15-minute workout that helps your muscles to recover and improves your flexibility.

During the workout, we combine stretching techniques with foam rolling. Foam rolling is a self-massage technique using a foam roll. It stimulates the blood circulation in the muscles and helps to massage  sensitive “knots” from your muscles. In a stretch flow we lengthen the muscles we massaged with the foam roll   and by doing so optimize flexibility and speed up muscle repair.

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LXR® Mobility is a perfect way to recover quickly from the LXR® Strength workout, but can also be performed as a workout of its own.

The benefits of LXR® Mobility in a row:

  • Fast muscle recovery after heavy training.
  • Prevents injuries and stimulates flexibility.
  • Experience total relaxation and feel your physical and mental stress disappear.

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