Borke Erades

Master trainer

Borke did not even have his Cios Training diploma, when he started with his work as trainer at a gym and got hooked on outdoor sports, “nothing is more fun than playing outside in the fresh air.” After Cios he lost himself further in aerobics and then took the logical step to personal trainer. In addition to teaching he is also the Goalie coach of the Dutch U-14 ice hockey team and he is their permanent Dryland trainer.

From the very beginning he has been involved in the development of LXR Training and described it as follows: “a really cool lesson in which you train your entire body in very short time. You push yourself further and when you’re done, you’re tired but happy!”

Besides teaching sports Borke also likes to practice sports himself! His favorite sport is ice hockey, where Borke as a goalie tries to keep the puck from the goal.
One of Borke’s favorite quotes: “Never go on vacation without your sneakers, because when you’re on holiday it’s so easy to exercise or just go jogging!”

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