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LXR® is the latest fitness program of House of Workouts, which was founded in 2004 and started with the group training program XCORE®. Since the beginning House of Workouts® has developed 3 group workout concepts; XCORE®, BRN® and last but not least LXR® which is focused on power, endurance and coordination.


Renata Jarz, founder House of Workouts

LXR® is no potion or magic pill

LXR®, the 30 minutes functional training gives your energy level a boost. The high intensity strength training is focused on flexibility and muscle repair. Contrary to what the name suggests, LXR® is not a magic pill or potion, but a lot of hard work, mixed with a little luxury. During the training a sand bag is used to perform rapidly alternating exercises.

What does an LXR® Workout look like? 

Workout for high end clubs

With the rise of the low-budget fitness clubs it has become difficult for many entrepreneurs to keep their heads above water. As an entrepreneur, you should always stay sharp, creative and dare to think outside the box. It’s increasingly important to stand out from the rest the clubs. A gym with attractive, varied lessons immediately attracts more customers. Today, most people don’t have time for endless fitness sessions, the key success factors are: effective and result driven. It’s important to us to have a close relationship with our clubs, so we help our licensees with marketing and educating enthusiastic instructors.

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Want to try LXR® in your own living room? That’s possible! With HOW@home you can get strong with LXR® anywhere and at any time.

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