Want to become LXR® licensee?

LXR licentiehouder worden

The LXR® license offers you club the possibility to give an official LXR® training with a set choreography and music for three months. There’s a new release every quarterly and as an LXR® Certified Club you receive the choreo and the music digitally.

How to become and stay an LXR® lincensed club? 

LXR® Certified instructors receive a training every three months. During this quarter launch the latest techniques are discussed. Participants receive the choreography and music digitally. We like to keep the high quality of our instructors and we ask them to attend at least two quarters per year. If you miss several quarters, you will be asked to follow our recertification.

How to become an LXR® Trainer? 

The LXR® training should only be given by LXR® Certified instructors. Through a two-day training your instructors are trained to become LXR® instructor. To join this course the instructor must master the basic skills of teaching as counting, cueing, teaching a choreography based workout, coaching participants etc.

What materials do I need?

The LXR® fitnessbag is available in 2 sizes. The storage rack comes standard in the LXR® look and feel. Of course we can advise on the best composition for your club. Read more about the workout. 

Hoe krijg ik LXR in mijn club

How do I attract new members with LXR®?

As a Certified Club you will receive the following marketing materials to promote the LXR® program:

  • Flyers
  • Launch posters
  • Cotton LXR® banner
  • storefront sign
  • The name of your Club on the website and in national campaigns
  • Digitals marketing materials

Why choose LXR®?

The fitness industry is a very competitive field, members are very critical and expect a lot. What will attract potential members? A stable group fitness department, which is dynamic, interesting and responsible. In addition, it will be easier to find and to appoint new personnel. By following LXR® training your instructors will be highly trained. Well-trained and enthusiastic instructors ensure that members remain members.

If you want to start with LXR®, please contact us.

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