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Nothing as energetic as a solid workout. LXR® is no magic potion, but an elixer of traditional hard work, mixed with a little bit of luxury. LXR® is an exclusive training program blending the best ingredients of the past with a modern training approach. Whether you choose for LXR® Strength or LXR® Mobility, you’ll get more power, energy and vitality with LXR.

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Guilty pleasures on the piste

4 Tips that will make your  skiing holiday carefree I went with my friends on a skiing holiday in Austria last week, the country of beautiful alpine, snowy slopes, Tyrolean music and … yes: beer, bratwurst and apfelstrudel … Anyone who has ever been skiing knows that the sportive part of such a holiday is sometimes […]


Order your LXR®
gear and outfit

To get the most out of your workout, good and comfortable clothing is a prerequisite. Your LXR® outfit must be breathable and regulating your temperature so that you can stay focused on one thing only: LXR®! Apart from the right clothing, the fitness bag is the equipment you’ll be using during an LXR® workout. By training with the fitness bag and foam roller you’ll increase power and explosiveness and it will strengthen your body.

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“LXR® really gives
a boost”

Jacinta Mayora

The LXR® workouts are fun! To give everything you’ve got in thirty minutes is really motivating. After the workout I get an enormous energy boost that makes me feel I’m on top of the world.

“In 30 minutes stronger and fitter”

Pauline Deheegher

On weekdays I don’t have the time to spend too much time in the gym. That’s why I like LXR® training so much! I get stronger, leaner and fitter in 30 minutes.

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